hawaii-five-casting-call-auditionAnother great piece of casting call came to my e-mail.

In this case, the casting call and open audition for CBS ´ Hawaii 5-0.

Kurtzman Orci Paper Products and 101 st Productions, alongside CBS Production Company are launching and producing the new first season of Hawaii Five-0.

Casting Call and Open Audition for CBS Hawaii Five-0

Casting Call and Open Audition for CBS Hawaii Five-0 is set to cast Series Regulars and recurring roles.

This Audition for CBS Hawaii Five-0 will last until November 4th 2010.

Roles available in Hawaii Five-0 Casting Call Auditions

1.) MALE (late 20s-early 30s; any ethnicity) – NICK. He’s a former SEAL who served under McGarrett back in the day. Now running his own top security company, he’s the point man on the detail to protect notorious third-world political figure, General Pak, during his controversial visit to the U.S. He and McGarrett are “bros” who have seen it all together. But as McGarrett later realizes, Nick’s notions of brotherhood may be a far cry from his own, and his patriotic spirit just may have been subverted by pure greed. GUEST STAR;

2.) MALE (40-50; Southeast Asian) – GENERAL PAK. Burmese, Thai, or Filipino. The military leader of a genocidal third world country, this Burmese general is in the U.S. with his wife and son attending an important summit in Oahu – a controversial visit that has engendered huge protests, not to mention an ingenious plot against the General’s life. As we later learn, the General may not be the amoral butcher he’s portrayed as, but a genuine patriot who is risking his own life to effect real change. GUEST STAR;

3.) MALE 30s; Southeast Asian) – NAE SHAN. Burmese, Thai, or Filipino. Questioned as a suspect in the assassination plot, this Burmese family man quietly tells McGarrett and Danny of the abuse and torture his family suffered under his country’s corrupt regime. It’s a harrowing tale that deeply moves his listeners. GUEST STAR;

4.) FEMALE (early 30s; any ethnicity) – BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. This stunning woman is an ex-CIA operative turned killer-for-hire. She seduces and kills an agent with the diplomatic service, part of a larger scheme to assassinate General Pak. As deadly as she is beautiful, she’s later killed in a confrontation with McGarrett’s team. GUEST STAR

How to audition for CBS Hawaii Five-0 Casting Call?

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