Boardwalk Empire is set to come back for its fourth episode on Sunday October 10th, in an episode called Anastasia.

We have three preview videos for Boardwalk Empire Anastasia episode airing October 10th

Boardwalk Empire Episode 4 Anastasia Preview: Chalky´s interrogation

You can also get to know the characters of Boardwalk Empire in the character clips HBO launched

Character Profile Video of Nucky Thompson

Character Profile Video of Jimmy Darmody

Same thing we´re doing with Bored to Death S02E04 where A professor hires Jonathan to track down a valuable item. George finds an alibi to explain the results of his drug test. Flushed with cash from his “Super Ray” comic book, Ray heads to the bar – and meets a familiar barfly.

Bored to Death S02E04 Preview Video: Jonathan gets threatened

Finally, we have a great Billboard picture from Eastbound & Down

Kenny Powers is alive and well, kickin’ it south of the border doin’ what he does best – throwing his balls around.  As the newest pitching addition to the Charros, KP did not disappoint in his Latin debut this past weekend.  Arriving on the field in style (to music AND fireworks), he proved one thing… Kenny Powers is BACK!


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