barney-stinson-suitjamaIt is the time of the year in which we start our shopping for the Holidays. And since this is a site focused on television and whatnot; I will be posting several TV themed gift ideas for the Holidays. So let´s start with this one: Barney Stinson Legendary Suitjama.

Anyone who watches How I Met Your Mother knows that Barney Stinson is the epitome of awesomeness. And that he never (well, except when he was depressed) takes off his suit. So much so, that on one episode we learned that he even sleeps in a suit, or say a Suitjama. Remember? Just in case he needs to come out of bed in a suit.

So I can recommend any HIMYM fan this as a perfect themed gift for Christmas: a Suitjama.

Comfortable as pajamas, elegant as suits. Maybe you can even make it look like a suit enough as to bring your pajama to work!

You can buy them in Black & Silver Pinstripes or Grey. I thought any How I Met Your Mother fan would like to know about this opportunity to buy a Suitjama.

You can visit this link to Legendary Suitjamas as they have all the info on how to purchase, pricing, and delivery methods.

I have mine, and I look nothing like the model in the photo, but they are indeed comfy and elegant. Now it´s time for me to add a gym membership to my Christmas tree.