hot-not-appEverybody is these days posting their 10 year anniversary videos on Facebook, (I would not do it even if they held me at gunpoint, lol). And one of the things I remember about all these years is how many people sent me links to see if people thought I was hot or not. And then to vote on who among my contacts were hot or not and so on and so forth.

screen568x568I even remember on Whitney Cumming´s “Whitney” that her boyfriend, played by Chris D´Elia, was an app creator and one of his creations was a parody of Hot or Not that asked people if he was too old to wear something. (I think it was baggy jeans, but I may be remembering it incorrectly).

Now, Hot or Not has released a new version, and is poised for a big comeback, as it is focusing on mobile.

Of course you can still do the Facebook version here. But with the big bet on mobile, you can download the app on iTunes and check the new features.

There is a contest and sweepstakes paired to the new rollout, so you can enter there to win a $1000 retailer giftcard.

There is a large community of users who have tried it and who are voting on the app to see if their contacts are hot or not, and to check out what their contacts think of them (Over 190 million). I recommend to take it with tons of humour. If not, you may be asking a question you don´t want to get the answer to.

As Spiderman´s uncle said it: “With great power comes great responsibility”.

What do you think about Hot or Not? Have you tried it before? Will you give it a go in this new version? Let me know in the comments. Also, follow me on Twitter for more games and apps review.