Psych-Season-8-cancelled-renewedI´m officialy in mourning. This site is officially in mourning. If you´ve been following this site for some time, you know that Psych is big here.

And now, after eight seasons, USA has announced the show is ending. Good thing is, it is ending on its own terms, after very big success and while on a creativity high point. Not many shows can say the same. Well, Psych can. This season has seen the Musical episode, as well as the do over, and many more; and there´s still over half a season to go.

This site will not finish Psych´s coverage just because Psych is ending. Not at all! You will still be able to see the constant updating of the following articles after each episode:

Psych-Season-8-cancelled-renewedPSYCH will end its successful run after eight seasons on Wednesday, March 26 at 9/8c. It will be followed at 10/9c by the “PSYCH After Show,” a one-hour live show featuring a Q&A with the entire cast and show creator, Steve Franks. The moderated discussion will take place in front of a studio audience in Los Angeles.

James Roday and Dule Hill mad a special video for the announcement. I am feeling close to what Dule is feeling.

Having said all that, I go back to my mourning for the end of Psych that is coming oh so fast. I´m just still praying for a closeout movie.

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