house-wilson-romanceThis won´t happen, but hey… It would be most definitely the biggest Shocker of the season: What about a love relationship between Gregory House and James Wilson?

They are usually both named as a Dinamic Duo, as Batman and Robin, as Sherlock Holmes and Watson, and a large etcetera.

But… and this would be legen… wait for it… dary television: What if House and Wilson end up having a gay romance?

I don´t see it likely to happen, I´ll give you that, but hey… wait… these are some reasons why that could really happen.

Why would a romance Wilson House make sense?

In the season-four episode “Don’t Ever Change,” Wilson wonders what about his relationship with Amber is bothering House so much. Later agreeing that Amber is the female “proxy” for House, Wilson tells him, “Why not date you? It’s perfect. We’ve known each other for years, we’ve put up with all kinds of crap from each other, and we keep coming back! We’re a couple!”
There’s a history in television of best friends slowly becoming something more, from The Wonder Years to Friends. The romantic coupling of House and Wilson transforms the strongest relationship on the show to an even more dramatically rewarding one. It’s a logical progression: House and Wilson already form the most entertaining, enduring couple of House. If the plot of last season’s finale and the 16 million viewers who tuned in prove anything, it’s that the way House’s friendship with Wilson evolves is of interest to the show’s fans. Their friendship could also be a foundation for the most complex, captivating romance primetime has seen in years.
More importantly, a mutual respect exists between the two doctors that House rarely affords anyone else. Wilson can match House’s wits, often providing the clue that solves the week’s case, and together they pepper the show with humorous banter and penetrating insight that showcases their chemistry and understanding of one another. Viewers know for certain that House is invested in Wilson’s welfare: Numerous subplots revolve around House’s preoccupation with Wilson’s love life. For four years, we’ve watched House radiate jealousy towards Wilson’s girlfriends and wives, most notably (but not exclusively) in episodes where Cuddy and Amber are seen as his competition. When Wilson lied in season three about having slept with Cuddy, House looked crestfallen—the same look he wore a year later when discovering the identity of Wilson’s new girlfriend, Amber. It’s not the women House wants to have to himself.
House’s feelings for Wilson are evidenced subtly in episodes like “Family” and “Fools for Love,” but more acutely by his uncharacteristic “I love you” to Wilson in “97 Seconds.” That affection is one of the few reciprocated feelings of the series.
Between House and Wilson, unending loyalty abounds while tension roils beneath the surface—all the necessary elements are there for a classic friends-turned-lovers story to finally provide House with that elusive happiness he’s been missing.

I saw this analysis in Watch With Kristen. And as Emily said so in the comments. She´s the one behind the theory. (Great blog, add it to your faves).

What do you think?