house-cuddy-cameron-love-triangleHouse MD is a great show and we all know it, right? Well, now after Lawrence Kutner died (remember, just Kutner, not Kal Penn)

But now there´s probably a bit of Love Triangle going to be on in House between a possible Romance House and Cameron, or a possible romance House and Cuddy.

Let´s see a little bit of both scenarios:

House and Cameron Romance:

Despite the fact that Cameron was pushed to the background in season four (to the overwhelming dismay of her fans), the relationship between House and Cameron has always been there. However, though many might say that it doesn’t exist on a romantic level, their story has been told subtly, which makes their relationship unique.
It is through interactions with Cameron that we see glimpses of House’s humanity. House has shared some of the most intimate details of his life with Cameron, such as revealing to her willingly what his parents are like and describing his relationship with them. We have seen him be sincere and caring without prompting another character, exemplified when House says to Cameron that he is proud of her and also when Cameron disclosed to House about her husband in college.
House has always given his most endearing and intense looks to Cameron—whether it is in the hallway in “No Reason” or the look they share when Cameron helps House with his arm sling in “Whac-A-Mole.” They always share intense gazes throughout the series indicating that there is a something beyond the surface that has yet to be explored.
Cameron has accepted House for who he is and has defended him numerous times to her fellow ducklings and even to Wilson and Cuddy, who always have plans for teaching House humility—Cameron to Cuddy: “Why does he need to be like other people?”
Although it may seem that House and Cameron’s relationship will go no further than colleagues, it is evident that there is something more now that Cameron has become more confident and stronger. I would love to watch a relationship between these two unique characters and see how much more we can learn about them and how their relationship will blossom.
And if all else fails, we just have to remember that House kissed back!

Besides that… remember Chase and Cameron are breaking up!

House and Cuddy Romance:

“Thou and I are too wise to woo peaceably.” Benedick and Beatrice from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing may be my most favorite literary couple. They are intelligent, quick-witted, passionate and, perhaps most importantly, they carry quite the healthy respect for one another. Little about them is sappy. They know where they stand in the world and aren’t afraid to speak their minds. The only thing I hate about their story is that it was only able to last 200 pages. Therefore, one must turn to modern couples on television to fill the void that Benedick and Beatrice have left behind. As it happens, I’ve only found one such couple to sate my need for snappy snark: Gregory House and Lisa Cuddy.
While I respect and understand the other House ships, it’s very hard for me to imagine House with anyone but Cuddy…No one has come closer than Cuddy to understanding how House’s mind works—not even Wilson, as was evident after House’s ketamine treatment and during the Tritter drama. She gets that he’s never going to fit the mold, no matter how hard anyone tries to get him to, and she respects that. And how could anyone doubt the love Cuddy has for House after that smile at the end of the episode “Ugly”? Or how she was holding his hand at the end of “Wilson’s Heart”?
And House loves Cuddy. He keeps her secrets, as we saw during her baby arc. He protects her, as seen in “The Right Stuff” when he wouldn’t tell her what he was doing with his patient so that she wouldn’t be liable. And he respects her. No man would stand up to Cuddy like he does if he didn’t realize that he could lose every argument.
House and Cuddy are not the perfect couple, but what couple is? I think, especially after the events of “House’s Head” and “Wilson’s Heart,” House is going to need someone in his life who accepts him for who he is and understands how he thinks. That person is Lisa Cuddy.

And we all loved Lisa Cuddy´s strip tease in the bus at the end of last season!

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So… what do you think about this possible Love Triangle between House, Cuddy and Cameron?

It´s not a bad thing to be in a love triangle with both Cuddy and Cameron, right?