house-spoiler-house-married-wedding-cuddy-hooker-masseuseHello House fans. I´m here with new spoilery thingies.

Is House getting back together with Cuddy? Not for the time being, but he is soon enough (Probably next season though)

Is House getting married with Cuddy? Nope… he´s not. Buuut here´s the catch.

House is getting married in the next episode of House MD.

As Michael Ausiello puts it: “House creator David Shore recently confirmed that upcoming episode would feature a wedding no one would see coming, and the boss man will deliver on that promise this Monday.”

It appears though as House is getting married to one of his masseuses, and he invites Cuddy to the wedding.

Is this something House would do? Sure… but it seems like a gimmick to get Cuddy back.

Wilson will probably try to stop House from getting married to a hooker / masseuse. The team will have to work the case around House´s wedding plans, and in the end the marriage won´t happen or will eventually get anulled.

That´s my bet.

House getting married is a spoiler, I know, but it´s not going to stick. So it´s a partial non long term spoiler.

What do you think about House getting married with a masseuse / hooker? Would you rather see House getting married to Cuddy?

Let me know in the comments section.

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