cuddy lucas break up cuddy house romance spoilerWell, we are less than a month away from House Season Finale. And of course, it´s speculation time for everybody.

What will happen between House and Cuddy? Are they going to hook up?

What´s the fate between Lucas and Cuddy? Are Cuddy and Lucas breaking up?

Well, apparently, as Katie Jacobs, Executive Producer of House told Michael Ausiello in an exclusive interview… things are shaking up for Cuddy and Lucas, break up may be in order.

Let’s talk about the Huddy of it all. Back in February, David Shore confirmed that House and Cuddy would eventually hook up. Fans, of course, are growing impatient.
JACOBS: I understand the fans’ point of view, but the relationship between Cuddy and Lucas offers Cuddy some really important things: companionship, shared responsibility of Rachel, and they have a nice time together. What I think fans are responding to is that they don’t feel that relationship provides everything Cuddy can have. I would say watch for [an answer to this question]: Is that relationship going to work for Cuddy? Because it’s a lot of good things but it’s not everything. But no relationship is. How long will that work for Cuddy? Will it work permanently or will it not work?
I can’t tell you how many emails I receive a day from fans who just want Lucas gone.
JACOBS: They don’t want her to settle for anyone less than House. And that’s something she has to wrestle with. Is this really going to work for her? Is this going to be the relationship? And we know that’s on everyone’s minds. It’s on our minds as well.

What do you think about this House spoiler? Are Cuddy and Lucas breaking up on season finale?