how-i-met-your-mother-himym-katy-perry-barney-stinson-oh-honey-spoilers-quotesPost filled with Spoilers of How I Met Your Mother. In the episode where Katy Perry joins How I Met Your Mother, When Zoey fixes Ted up on a date with her cousin, the gang resorts to calling her “Honey” after learning how naive she is. Meanwhile, Ted calls an intervention on himself after having an epiphany about his feelings for Zoey, and Barney gets acquainted with Honey in Ted’s place.

Is Katy Perry the mother on How I Met Your Mother? Not quite, despite what has been thrown around on the web these couple of weeks.

Best Quotes from How I Met Your Mother S06E15 Oh Honey

Ted: It´s ok, we got hot dogs
Lily: And it´s not like you can screw up hot dogs. Aw God… this is so good; I´m gonna finish it in the bathroom

Zoe: You wanna go on a date with my hot cousin?
Ted: I´m gonna go get the ketchup

Zoe: She´s cute
Barney: Cute means fat
Zoe: She´s not fat
Barney: Not fat means ugly
Barney: I take back everything I said

Katy Perry – Honey: My apartment is so safe, my landlord even installed a security camera in my shower
Marshall: Oh Honey

Katy Perry – Honey: Maybe I should feel bad about giving my social security number to a stranger but the guy is a Nigerian prince
Marshall: Oh Honey

Katy Perry – Honey: I just had a great TV Audition behind the KFC where the producer works on the weekends
Marshall: Oh Honey

Katy Perry – Honey: Long story short, I´m gonna be on Lost
Marshall: Oh Honey

Robin: I know, you just wanna wrap her up in a blanket and give her a cup of tea

Barney: Ohhhhhh Honey

Ted: I´d say hump her brains out, but it seems somebody already has

Ted: Actually, there´s another reason why I didn´t go home with her
Marshall´s mom: He´s gay
Marshall: Mom, hang up
Ted: There´s another reason why I didn´t go home with her. I´m in love with Zoe
Marshall: Oh my God

Lily: Who called this intervention?
Ted: I did, it´s about me
Lily: Finally. It´s about that coffe breath, right?
Robin: No, it´s about the shoulder hair
Barney: Ladies, let the man explain how it´s all about wearing a woman´s watch
Ted: It´s because I´m in love with Zoe and she´s married, so, it needs to stop… and Intervene

Marcus: Wuss
Marshall: Marcus, this is a private conversation

Lily: And seriously motuhbrush after coffee

Too many crazies have my number, so now I´m all disposable phones. I use one for a while, have my fun and then dump it and get a new one. And I do the same with my phone

Barney: Who´s your daddy
Marshall: Can we skip this part please?

Barney: Hey Zoe, that cousin of yours Honey, Yowza! One has to say that family tree of yours have some pretty nice coconuts

Barney: She hugged me; what´s that all about?
Marcus: She´s in love with Ted
Marshall: Marcus!
Marcus: Wait, hear me out, Marshall. Zoe is in love with Ted but she´s married, so she tried to push him away by setting him up with her cousin instead, but seeing Ted and Honey hitting it off was more than her gentle heart could bear, so Zoe left early, pricked by love´s thickle thorn. But the next morning upon learning that Ted had not tasted of Honey sweet nectar her joy bursted forth like a blossoming flower in spring.
Marshall: Wow. Zoe is in love with Ted

Ted: Listen Zoe, I need to tell you something

Marshall: Both of you hang up, and we need icecream

Ted: We can´t be friends anymore, and this seems strange, but you can´t ask me why

Lily: We hate Ted now. Get on board, or the sexting stops
Marshall: Ted´s a son of a bitch… oh nice

Zoe: Why?
Ted: Lily hates you
Zoe: You hate me?
Lily: That´s crazy. I don´t hate you

Lily: I guess there´s no use hiding it anymore. I hate you bitch

Zoe: I can´t believe it. I really thought we were friends. Lord knows I could use a friend right now, I´ve been going through some pretty difficult stuff

Katy Perry – Honey: After all he told me I was his first
Marshall: Oh Honey

Katy Perry – Honey: Whos your daddy?
Barney: I don´t know

Marshall: Zoe and the Captain are getting a divorce

Marcus: So help me God Marshall, if you don´t call those crazy kids, I will
Marshall: Give me that phone

Marshall: I gotta go. (Ted kisses Zoe)

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