how-i-met-your-mother-s06e17-garbage-island-spoilers-quotesPost filled with Spoilers of How I Met Your Mother. In an episode where After Marshall sees a documentary about garbage, he becomes fixated on saving the environment. Meanwhile, Ted runs into Zoey’s ex-husband, The Captain, and Robin forces Barney to admit he has feelings for Nora, the girl who made history as his first Valentine’s Day date ever.

Biggest HIMYM spoiler of all: Zoe is not the mother and things don´t end well

Best Quotes from How I Met Your Mother S06E17 Garbage Island

Robin: I hear you and Nora had a great time at laser tag
Barney: Don´t know where you heard that, it was a disaster!

Barney: It´s a shame too, she was a great laser tag partner. She is tiny, so she´s allowed to push kids

Barney: She had a nice face,
Her booty was on place
But Barney don´t chase

Barney: We are exes, we are probably due to a backslide

Lily: Can I do anything to help you?
Marshall: Maybe after this documentary on garbage
Lily: Man, I am losing my touch

Lily: Is it over? I call on top

Captain: Ted, what a surprise!

Marshall: You haven´t heard of Garbage Island? It´s an Island… made of garbage!

Captain: Zoe left me for another man
Ted: Wow! Any idea who that may be?

The Captain: Then, entered the scoundrel

The Captain: I don´t know how he looks like but I picture him with a moustache
Ted: Yes! Limit your search to guys with mosutaches

Ted: It´s a damn good brandy

Barney: If I got serious with Nora it would be like Mother Theresa focused all her attention on one really hot orphan.

Barney: With great penis comes great responsibilty.

Lily: Right now I don´t give a rat´s ass about Garbage Island

The Captain: Ted, I know.
Ted: You know what?
The Captain: Ted I know who betrayed me

Marshall: I´m sorry, but neither of us is getting any action until I find that ring
Lily: I hope this doesn´t make me look desperate

Robin: Barney, go get her

Recap from How I Met Your Mother S06E17 Garbage Island

Recap by WerewolfBarMitzvah

We start in Hong Kong in the year 2021, where he’s dealing with a canceled flight. He’s frustrated because, as he tells the airline rep, “It’s 2021, we can make cell phones that project holograms, but a light drizzle shuts down the whole airport?”

There, he sees Wendy the waitress, whose name he has trouble remembering. To get to this point, we’re back in 2011, where Robin is asking Barney how things went with Nora. He says it was a disaster even though she gave him his number, because she didn’t want to get drinks right away. Robin teases him, saying he likes Nora because he can’t say her name without smiling.

Barney then tells Robin three points about the situation: “She had a nice face, her booty was in place, but Barney don’t chase.”

Ted has just started dating Zoey and he’s very excited to tell people about how they met. He tells the story to Wendy the waitress, who actually asked, “How’s your meat?” Zoey asks Ted to pick up a package at her building that week. He doesn’t want to see The Captain, but she says he’s going to leave the package with the doorman.

Marshall has to go because he has to move a big, meaningless stack of papers off his desk to make room for the next day’s big, meaningless stack. “But it’s all worth it, because at least i know I’m making the world a … place.” The gang is worried about him because the things he used to love mean nothing anymore. Lily then admits it’s “been a while” since they’ve had sex. Barney guesses five weeks, three days and Lily wonders how he could be so accurate.

Barney then turns to Robin and guesses 18 weeks, and she admits to a slump. He offers to end the slump by throwing her one, but Robin realizes he’s just trying to make himself feel better about missing his shot with Nora. He’s upset by the news that Nora met another guy and is going on a date.

That night, Lily tries to lure Marshall into bed, but he’s obsessed with a documentary about garbage. He decides he has to save the planet.

Ted goes to The Captain’s building and runs into The Captain, who thinks Ted is there to rescue him from the wreckage of his marriage. He asks Ted if he’s on his side, then takes him into his study.

Marshall is telling the group about Garbage Island and he’s starting with a new “green” initiative at McLaren’s. Wendy the waitress is annoyed because she has to carry 80 pounds worth of bottles to the recycling center every night. He next plans to make a change at GNB about how they can cut their carbon footprint by half for $12 million.

The Captain tells Ted that Zoey has left him for another man. His version of the story sounds different from Ted’s. He calls the new man “the scoundrel.” He says he doesn’t know what the scoundrel looks like, but he gathers he’s got a mustache. Ted encourages him to limit the search to guys with mustaches. Ted tells The Captain not to blame himself.

“I don’t blame myself,” The Captain says. “There’s only one man I blame for this.”

Ted realizes he’s the bad guy, the realizes he forgot the box Zoey asked for.

Lily again tries to lure Marshall to bed, but he’s busy working on a presentation. He promises to “do that” the next night.

Barney finds Robin at the bar that he “happened to be” at Cafe L’Amour, the place where Nora was supposed to have gone on her date, from 5 p.m. until closing time and he didn’t see her. Robin admits she made it up just to see if he was actually into Nora, which he obviously is. She hands him Nora’s phone number, which he rips up. She then says she programmed it into his phone when he went to the bathroom, so he smashes his phone. (She then has to tell him that was a joke — he’d just gotten there). Barney refuses to admit he’s smitten.

“I’m Barney Stinson,” he says. “I don’t get smitten. I smite.”

She says he’s scared of being in a relationship, which he denies by saying, “I can’t be anyone’s boyfriend, Robin. If I got serious with Nora, it would be ask if Mother Theresa focused all her attention on one really hot orphan.

“With great penis comes great responsibility,” he adds.

Robin then challenges him to throw her one. She thinks he won’t take her up on it because he doesn’t want to blow his chances with Nora. He warns her not to poke the dragon because it will poke her back.

Marshall gets home and says his presentation didn’t go well. After he said $12 million, Arthur says he doesn’t want to spend that money on furthering their green efforts. Arthur asks if anyone agrees with Marshall’s presentation and a guy named Meeker says he thought there were good points. Arthur fires him, then tells Marshall he’ll take the presentation under advisement.

Ted goes back to The Captain’s building and runs into The Captain again. Then he’s taken to the study. The Captain tells Ted he knows who betrayed him. Ted winces as The Captain begins to reveal that it’s … the doorman.

“That son of a bitch!” Ted says.

The Captain says he’ll have the doorman fired, but Ted tells him not to do it. The Captain then decides physical violence is the answer, but Ted talks him down once again. Ted then tries to tell The Captain that he and Zoey just weren’t right for each other. Finally, Ted winds down the conversation by convincing The Captain he’ll be better off without Zoey and with someone who has the same interests as he does. Since it no longer matters who Zoey went off with, Ted admits it’s him and runs out of the building — stopping to take the box on his way out.

Marshall is wading through a dumpster to find the plastic six-pack holder that Lily threw away, and tells her neither of them is getting any action until he finds it. She jumps in to join him.

Barney shows up and tells Robin to “give it” to him. She’s upset that he won’t change despite her best efforts to help him. “It” was the phone number, and he takes it.

Ted asks Zoey if he stole her, and she says he did. She then tells him the story isn’t over and it’ll be years before they know who’s the good guy and the bad guy. She says sometimes things need to fall apart to make way for better things.

As they rummage through the trash, Lily asks Marshall what’s going on. He says he’s upset that his dad will never get to see how it turned out and whether he came through on the promise that he was going to save the world. He then admits that he’s worried that if they have a baby now he’ll be stuck at GNB forever. She tells him to get an environmental law job and they can try to have a baby in another year, after he’s done saving the planet. He’s also worried that Meeker hates him.

Meeker did hate him, and was on his way to McLaren’s to confront Marshall when he runs into Wendy the waitress, who was carrying bags of bottles outside. She tells him they’re closed when one of her bags breaks and bottles spill all over the street. He helps pick them up and shares some sympathy for her rough night. She says it’s not his fault. “It’s no one’s fault, except for Marshall Ericksen.” Meeker does a double take and she asks him if he knows Marshall. He says he does, and he hates him.

Back in 2021, we see that Wendy the Waitress is at the airport with Meeker and they were in Hong Kong for their second honeymoon.

Wendy then asks Ted if he’s still with Zoey and he laughs as he says he isn’t and adds, “That didn’t end well.”

He goes on to tell Wendy that he’s married to a lovely woman and they have two kids together. He starts to tell her the story of how they met. “I was the best man at this wedding…” he starts to say, when Wendy says they’ve got to run.

Ted then calls Marshall on his hologram phone and tells him about who he saw.

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