rachel-bilson-lesbian-kiss-video-himym-photoHow I Met Your Mother had season premiere yesterday, and I´m having mixed feelings. I mean, I laughed a lot as usual, but I didn´t get the whole Rachel Bilson lesbian kiss. There´s nothing wrong with it, but it seems at least in general that those hot chicks kissing each other stunts usually happen when the show is on decline. Let´s see Hayden Panettiere cheerleader lesbian kiss on Heroes for more proof!

So, what I´m not sure about is if it was a part of the story, thought by the writers, or a PR stunt to boost the ratings and the buzz…

Full Review and Spoilers of How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Premiere

The night started with Old Ted telling his kids there are two big days in your life: the day you meet the girl of your dreams and the day you marry her.

A little ways down the road: People filtered into a church for some couple’s big day, and Marshall brought a beer out for Ted, who was sitting outside. Marshall asked Ted if he was nervous because he was scratching away the label on the beer bottle.

The previous day: Barney was upset because girls in New York were wearing sweaters, and leaving behind sundresses. Ted had to grade some papers. Ted had been scratching away the label on his beer bottle and Barney knew he was nervous. There was a cute girl at the bar. Barney said Ted had no reason to be nervous, and he’d tell him why in one word: “Dibs.”

Ted said Barney couldn’t call dibs on the girl he’d been sitting there and thinking about talking to at some point. He threatened to sue Barney if he tried to claim his dibs, but Barney called dibs on Marshall as his lawyer.

Marshall, meanwhile, was preparing for his first at-bat with Lily in their attempt to start a family.

Barney told Ted to go ahead and go for the girl at the bar, but he would one day, at their wedding make a speech in which he reminded everyone he had dibs. Ted worried the girl had her defense shield up up because she was reading a book. But then a real example of defenses up walked into the bar: Robin in a sweatshirt with messy hair and a bag of fries in her hand.

Later, Marshall and Lily walked into the bar saying their attempt hadn’t gone according to plan. Marshall’s dad had sent a bassinet, and Lily was upset that he’d told his dad they were trying to have a baby.

Ted finally asked Barney what he’d charge for his dibs. Ted offered $20 and Barney took it (after Ted turned down Barney’s request to smell her first). As Ted approached the girl at the bar, Cindy (Rachel Bilson), the girl Ted went out with once last season, walked up to talk to the girl. Ted panicked.

Robin said it wasn’t a big deal, but Ted said it didn’t end well. Then Ted remembered the brief glimpse of the bare ankle he saw belonging to Cindy’s roommate.

Lily asked Marshall if he’d told anyone at work about them trying to have a baby. Marshall recalled leaving work that day to a pregame spectacle-like exit as everyone at work high-fived him on his way out the door. Lily was upset that Marshall’s dad interfered in their lives too much.

After hearing Robin’s talk for a while, Barney told her she’d “lost it.” He said her hotness expiration date had come. She got up and left — but not before bringing her burger and fries along.

Marshall and Lily’s fight continued and Marshall revealed that his parents were planning on coming to live with them for three months after the baby was born. As Ted watched the fireworks — Marshall freaked out and stormed out of the bar — Cindy noticed Ted.

She came over to talk to him and asked to talk to him alone. Lily came over and asked Barney if Marshall talks to his dad too much, and Barney said he was a bit jealous that Marshall has a dad to call. But the tender moment was short-lived as Barney turned to look at Robin, who walked into the bar in a white sundress. In 14 seconds, a guy came up to talk to her and Robin stood up to declare she still had it.

Cindy apologized to Ted for being mean to him after they broke up and he joked with her about setting him up with a friend of hers.

Lily went to talk to Marshall and his dad called. Marshall answered and realized that when his dad started asking for details about how “the night” went that his dad was insane. Lily said Marshall’s dad just cares too much, just like Marshall. Lily then said she was worried about what could happen if she couldn’t have a baby. She didn’t want to let Marshall down. He said that would suck, but she wouldn’t be letting him down.

Ted decided to go over to talk to Cindy’s roommate, and we also saw Lily and Marshall head upstairs to their apartment.

Ted strode toward Cindy’s roommate, with Voiceover Ted talking about how nothing compares to the exhilaration of “going for for it.” As he approached, he saw Cindy do just that, planting a big kiss on the roommate. She isn’t the mother.

Back to the wedding: Ted said he didn’t meet his kids’ mother that night. He met them at the wedding where the episode began. He said he was nervous about his speech, saying he wanted it to be perfect. As Marshall and Ted, the best man, went inside, it started to rain. Marshall asked Ted if he had an umbrella and Ted said he didn’t bring one.

Sitting on the stoop, Marshall was telling someone that it was taking a while for him and Lily, but they were “getting back on the horse.” Then he asked the listener(s) not to tell Lily what he’d told them, and that’s when we saw he was talking to a huge crowd of strangers assembled on the sidewalk, who promised to say nothing.

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What do you think? Is Rachel Bilson´s lesbian kiss a good story arc or just a PR Stunt to create buzz around it?

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