Avengers Endgame is shaping up to perhaps be the biggest blockbuster ever, so let´s take a look at how to avoid Avengers Endgame spoilers…

Avengers Endgame spoilers

Learn how to avoid Avengers Endgame spoilers on Twitter. And how to avoid spoilers overall.

Today, I am going to move a little bit away from the normal schedule of this channel, and I will bring you a very simple Twitter trick to avoid encountering spoilers of new movies or TV shows, until after you´ve watched them.
Let´s say you haven´t yet watched Avengers: Endgame, right?
So what to do to avoid spoilers on Twitter?
It is actually quite simple. You need to mute some keywords and let Twitter know you don´t want to see them, until yo´ve watched the film.
So let´s take a look at how it´s done.

You can take a look at the complete video tutorial where I explain exactly how to avoid Avengers Endgame spoilers, and really, how to avoid any kind of spoilers on Twitter.

And as you will be able to realize, you can use this function not only to avoid Avengers Endgame spoilers, or Game of Thrones spoilers, or whatever show or film spoilers, but also to cleanse your timeline from conversations you don´t really want to see.

First of all, you go to Twitter. See? Already the first thing popping up is about Avengers: Endgame. So probably it will be very tough to avoid getting spoilers. Only proven method to avoid spoilers is avoiding Internet altogether, so maybe you can sit on your drums and hit on your best hi-hat cymbals. If Internet cannot be avoided, then the other way to do it, is following these steps provided below.
Not to worry.

Here´s a step by step rundown on how to mute keywords on Twitter:

1- Open Twitter
2- Click on Notifications
3- Click on Settings
4- Click on Muted Words
5- Click Add
6- Enter the keyword, phrase or hashtag you want to mute
7- Select if you want to mute from everyone or if only from people you don´t know.
8- Select how long do you want to mute them
9- Click add


Voilá! you won´t be getting spoilers.

Hope it´s helpful.
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Video by
Guillermo Paz

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