Food preparation is exciting, but at the same time, it is also a complex process that requires you to get everything right. Even if you have all your ingredients, proportions, tools, and techniques correct, there is one thing that can make or break whatever you have prepared, and that is your food preparation. You need to make sure that your food temperature is just perfect or else you will end up with either overcooked, undercooked or unevenly cooked food.

Food temperature becomes even more crucial when it comes to baking or preparing desserts and candies. Many people who are otherwise not into regular cooking, also often bake or make candies just for fun or as a hobby. Most of these people have little experience with handling and assessing temperatures, unlike regular chefs and cooks. One of the best lifesaver to get all your candies right is using a candy thermometer. These little thermometers are not very expensive but are still very underrated given their utility. If you have a good candy thermometer, you will never get the temperatures of your candies wrong. Here are some of the top candy thermometers reviewed for your assistance.


Taylor Precision 6085J12 Candy Thermometer

Taylor is a highly reputed name in the baking supplies industry and the name itself speaks for the quality of this thermometer. This is an analog thermometer with a stainless steel dial that is extremely sturdy and durable. The dial is decently sized and labeled to allow easy reading. The temperature range is fairly good so you do not have to worry about reading limits in case of very high temperature.  The thermometer comes with a pan click so that you can easily attach it to your candy pan to check the temperature. On the downside, this thermometer is slightly heavier and falls in the higher price bracket.


Wilton 1904-1200 Candy Thermometer

Wilton is yet another highly reputed name, which makes this thermometer a highly reliable product in terms of quality. The thermometer offers excellent value for money and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. The range on the temperature scale is fairly good and it also has temperature readings for some specific type of candies. Although cleaning and maintaining this thermometer is very easy, it is not dishwasher and microwave friendly. Moreover, the primary material is glass which can break easily.


Harbor 022 Candy Thermometer

If you are looking to pick the cheapest thermometer that can give you all the features and quality of a great candy thermometer, this product by Harbor is your best buy. It is one of the most economical candy thermometers in the market with a very versatile application. It is a digital thermometer with an amazingly wide temperature range and shows degrees in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The product has a stainless steel design with an exceptionally long probe fitted with the digital thermometer. The digital technology also offers better precision and accuracy as compared to the other analog counterparts. This is an FDA approved the product and is very easy to clean and maintain. The lightweight and sleek design make it portable and convenient.