Memorial Day Tribute 2019 - Veterans In Memoriam

Memorial Day Tribute 2019 – Veterans In Memoriam

Memorial Day Tribute 2019 – In memoriam – Military veterans who passed away this past year #MemorialDay

We are already on #MemorialDay , and as you know, I am doing every month the In Memoriam for celebrities who passed away in Music, in Film, TV and in Sports. And this year I started a new series of videos about celebrities in the military.
For this Memorial Day Tribute 2019 video, I wanted to mix both ideas, and pay homage to those who passed away and served in the military.
There will be a lot missing from the video, and I am aware of that, but I´d rather do the tribute with the information I could gather, and I am confident that you will understand that the whole point is fo this to be a tribute. You can add as many names to this list as you wish. I think this can be something I can prepare for every Memorial Day going forward.
I hope you enjoy this Memorial Day Tribute and see it as a fit homage as it is intended.
And may they all rest in peace.

Memorial Day Tribute 2019 – In memoriam – Military veterans who passed away this past year #MemorialDay

Floyd Carter Sr., 95, decorated veteran of 3 wars, member of the Tuskegee Airmen
Bill Daily, 91, Korean War Army veteran – I Dream of Jeannie star
Alene Duerk, 98, First Woman Admiral in the Navy. Decorated veteran of 3 wars
Ronald Lee Ermey, 74, Vietnam veteran Marine, and Full Metal Jacket actor
Roy Hawthorne, Sr., 92, WWII veteran Marine. Navajo Code Talker. Also served in US Army.
Anna Mae Hays, 97, WWII Army veteran. U.S military’s first female general
Gary Kurtz, 78, Vietnam Marine Corps veteran, Star Wars Producer
Stan Lee, 95, WWII Army veteran from the Signal Corps. Comic Legend
John Mahoney, 77, Army veteran. Actor, star on Frasier
Al Matthews, 75, Vietnam Marine veteran, Aliens Actor
John McCain, 81, Vietnam Navy veteran and PoW. Former US Senator
Art Paul, 93, WWII Army Air Corps veteran, Magazine designer
Major General Sidney Shachnow, 83, Vietnam Army veteran and legendary Special Forces officer
Neil Simon, 91, US Army Air Force Reserve veteran and Playwright
Richard E. Cole, 103, American air force officer, last surviving member of the Doolittle Raid
John Young, 87, Navy Officer and NASA pioneer Walked the moon in Apollo 16 mission
Charles P. Lazarus, 94, WWII Army vet and Toys R Us founder
Mort Walker, 94, WWII Army veteran and comic strip creator
Daniel Kahikina Akaka, 93, WWII Army veteran and US Senator
Major General Jeffrey Bannister, 57, Afghanistan Army veteran and Pentagon director of strategy
Frank Carlucci III, 87, US Navy vet, Deputy Director CIA, Deputy Secretary of Defense
Harold Eatman, 102, WWII Army veteran, original member of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Adrian Cronauer, 79, Air Force Vietnam vet, Disc Jockey who inspired Good Morning, Vietnam
General John Abrams, 71, Army veteran. Commanded V Corps
Staff Sergeant Russell Brown, 96,
WWII Army veteran, member of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Lt Gen. Thomas Vandal, 58, Iraq Army veteran, commander of Eighth Army
George HW Bush, 94, WWII Navy veteran. Former US President
Richard Overton, 112, WWII Army veteran, Oldest WWII vet, member of the Army’s 188th Aviation Engineer Battalion
Romus Burgin, 96, WWII veteran and author.
Eldon Bargewell, 71, Army general, Vietnam and Afghanistan veteran, commander of Delta Force
Robert Maxwell, 98, WWII Army vet, recipient of the Medal of Honor
Malcolm Elmore Beard, 99, WWII Navy veteran, Florida State Senator
Bob Hanner, 73, US Coast Guard Vietnam vet, and Georgia State Senator
Alan Wood Lukens, 94, WWII Veteran, Utah Beach D-Day vet. US Diplomat
Gus Ganakas, 92, Marine Corps veteran and Spartans Basketball Coach
Alfred K. Newman, WWII Marine vet, Navajo Code Talker
Major General Francis Nye, 100, WWII and Korea vet
Shannon Kent, 35, US Navy Iraq and Syria vet, Cryptologic technician
Jonathan R. Farmer, 37, Army Syria vet
Charles Kettles, 89, Korea Army vet, Medal of Honor Recipient
Dick Miller, 94, US Navy WWII vet, Fim star
John Otho Marsh Jr., 95, WWII, Vietnam Army vet. US Secretary of the Army
John Dingell, 95, WWII Army Vet. United States House of Representatives
Jan Michael Vincent, 74, California Army National Guard. Airwolf star
O`Neal Compton, 68, Navy vet. Actor.
Morgan Woodward, 93, WWII Army vet, Cool Hand Luke and Star Trek actor
Ralph Hall, 95, WWII Navy vet. Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
Sarah Payne Hayden, 99, WWII WASP veteran
Howard Vincent Lee, 85, Marine Corps Vietnam vet, Medal of Honor recipient
Gino Marchetti, 93, WWII Army vet and Hall of Fame Football Player
Fleming Begaye Sr, 97, WWII Marine vet, Navajo Code Talker
Herman Wouk, 103, WWII Navy vet, Writer and Pulitzer Prize winner
Charles “Buck” Pattillo, 94, Army and Air Force vet of WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Multiple medals recipient
James O. Bass, 108, US Army WWII vet and State Senator for Tennessee
John Pinto, 94, WWII Marine Corps vet, Navajo Code Talker

May they rest in peace…

Note: Of course there are hundreds of other veterans who sadly passed away this past year. I would`ve liked to include as many as possible, and got to showcase over 50. I hope you can include more names in the comments, and make this homage bigger. And may they all rest in peace.

Video by
Guillermo Paz

Fallen Soldier by Biz Baz Studio
Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky