bats-improv-improvisation-battle-san-franciscoAs I wrote already, I´ve been touring the US to visit the top entertainment destinations. In this first trip I had the chance to visit Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco (There´s still a lot of cities to go to).
And I already posted my review of the Warner Bros Studio Tour, The Universal Studios Park and Tour review and how to use CityPASS in Hollywood and Local Tastes of the City in San Francisco.
Well, it´s time to talk a little bit more about San Francisco; and the BATS Improv crew.

If you are anything into Improvisation, you need to see this crew. They will make sure you spend two hours laughing; and what´s best about improv? You can go again and again and you won´t see the same show twice.

I had the chance to meet Kasey Klemm, the director of the ensemble to talk about Improv and why is good for anybody to attend to Improv classes.

1- You can use your Improv skills in your everyday life.

2- You can take advantage of Improv in your job, at meetings and your work life.

3- Improv can help you overcome shyness and other social fears.

4- Improv is fun.

5- There´s no right or wrong; just laugh.

6- Did I mention it´s fun?

But not only that, you can also attend BATS Improv shows, and after talking to Kasey they invited me to join the show and watch them perform on one of the Improv battles in which Mission Taquerias faced Queena Marina on a semifinal round.

Teams were Zoe Galvez, Kasey Klemm and Diane Rachel facing John Remak, Lisa Rowland and Paul Killam.

The games were very funny and incorporated many of the comments audience did. (One thing to take notice, if you go as an audience member, be ready to participate).

I even got the chance to go on stage to join them in an improv game with Zoe, Kasey and Diane, team Queena Marina, to play a game in which both ladies and me were just one person and had to talk one word each at the time, to answer to Kasey´s questions who was interviewing us about hats.

To summarize. If you ever go to San Francisco and want to have fun on a Friday night (or saturday night for all that matter). Go to BATS Improv theatre.

Have you ever done Improv? Let me know your thought in the comments section.

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