Local-Tastes-San-Francisco-Tour-ReviewAs I wrote already, I´ve been touring the US to visit the top entertainment destinations. In this first trip I had the chance to visit Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco (There´s still a lot of cities to go to).
And I already posted my review of the Warner Bros Studio Tour, The Universal Studios Park and Tour review and how to use CityPASS in Hollywood.
Well, it´s time to talk a little bit about San Francisco; and the San Francisco Food Tours provided by Local Tastes of The City Tours.

San Francisco Food Tours: Local Tastes of the City Tours Review

1- Small Groups: You can ask and ask and ask. That´s the best thing about groups of four to five people in each tour. You can enter in more conversations and get an answer on every question you have.

2- Food: The food is very good quality and you will get everything included in your tour prize. You´ll get a lot of value back.

3- Knowledgeable guide: Tom was our tour guide, and he really knows his stuff and goes all the way for you to also know it. You can ask him anything about the food on San Francisco and you´ll get your answer… but don´t be shy, if you want to ask him something else about SFO, he´ll answer too.

4- Walking Tour: You´ll start your digestion while on the tour. There´s a lot to eat while on the tour, but you also walk 7 or 8 blocks.

Local-Tastes-San-Francisco-Tour-Review5- Tastes: You´ll have bakery goods, all kinds of it, for your sweet tooth and your bread crave, but you will also have coffee and even italian pizza and chocolate. A nice variety of things to eat and enjoy.

6- Easiness: You can book online, or by phone (888-358-8687), you can make a reservation and pay upfront, or pay the same day that you go; it´s very flexible.

7- Prize: 59 Dollars per adult. For all the things you get to taste; it´s a bargain.

What do you think? Will you check out Local Tastes of San Francisco Food Tours? If you already have, let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

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