Last week it was an article about the best nurses on TV, now it´s time to see the Best movies about nurses. Folks at nurseblog did an excellent list.

Top Movies about Nurses

  1. Florence Nightingale
  2. Miss Evers’ Boys
  3. MASH
  4. So Proudly We Hail!
  5. Cry Havoc
  6. A Farewell to Arms
  7. Wit
  8. Night Nurse
  9. The Bag of Knees
  10. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  11. The Nun’s Story
  12. Meet the Parents
  13. The Nurse
  14. Prison Nurse
  15. 13 Weeks

I´m not so sure about the order in which they put every movie about nurses, since I´d move One Flew Over the Cuckoo´s Nest up, but I can see the tenth spot since it´s not about nursing, but has nurses in it.

Also, the Ben  Stiller´s vehicle only mentioned him as a nurse but had nothing whatsoever to do with his nursing, but still made it to the list.

Mash is probably the most deservant one up there, but it´s all up for the argument. Anyways, this is a list of the best 15 movies about nurses, and you can either agree or disagree.

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