joeytribbianiOk… how to seduce women, a question for the ages… however, we find many answers in television shows.

In this case we go and check out what Joey Tribbiani, the ladies´man from Friends and from his own show Joey, who tells us, aside from the How you doin´ how to seduce women.

Or as he puts it in Joey Season 1 Episode 20. How to bring his A-Game to seduce women:

  • I take her to a restaurant where the maitre knows my name and makes a big fuzz over me.
  • Then he sits us on a table where she can´t miss my head shot hanging on the wall… “Oh, how embarassing“.
  • Then, at some point of the evening I have one of my famous friends send me over a bottle of wine…
  • Maybe Bobby Duvall… or Celine Dion.

So… how do you like Joey Tribbiani method to seduce women?