Burn-Notice-Tips-SpyBurn Notice holds the solutions for your every day problems. Some tips from Michael Westen when he is on off are good for you to apply to your conundrums.

Burn Notice tip to When you’re locked out of your house:

“Freon is available at most computer stores. Buy a can of screen duster, turn it upside-down, and you’ve got it in liquid form. It’s cold enough to crystallize the metal in many commercial locks. A hammer can take care of the rest.”

Burn Notice tip to When you need – ahem – privacy in an elevator:

“Take surveillance cameras, for example — you can disable one by shooting a laser at it and overloading the light-sensitive chip.”

Burn Notice tip to When you want to skip work:

“If you want to empty a building, pulling a fire alarm is useless; no one pays attention unless they’re actually on fire. A bomb scare next door to your target strikes the right balance — everyone clears out and then pays attention to the other building.”

Burn Notice tip to When you’re feeling jealous:

“To build a listening device, you need a crappy phone with a mic that picks up everything. But you want the battery power and circuits of a better phone. It’s a trick you learn when the purchasing office won’t spring for a bug.”

Burn Notice tip to When you realize your only friends are on Twitter:

“If you wanna make a friend, solve a problem for them. No problem to solve? Create one.”

What do you think about these Burn Notice tips to use your knowledge as a spy to your everyday problems?
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