dan-patrick-show-ashton-kutcherActor Ashton Kutcher called into DIRECTV’s The Dan Patrick Show this morning to talk about Two and a Half Men, calling it “the best job I’ve ever had.”
The same Dan Patrick Show that Charlie Sheen has been on.
He also confronted Dan about calling him “soft”, stating that the insult couldn’t be further from the truth and he actually never backs down. “Soft is a pretty big insult,” he said. “I’m a put dirt on it and walk it off kinda guy.” Speaking along these lines, Ashton admitted that he wouldn’t want to go blow-to-blow with Jason Stratham. Ashton and Dan also discussed the upcoming Bears game and made a friendly wager.
Dan asked who is the toughest guy in Hollywood. Kutcher said he wouldn’t mess with Jason Statham. Kutcher also said that he almost got into a fight with Mark Wahlberg. They had an incident on their street. Kutcher said he wouldn’t be able to take Wahlberg.

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