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Guillermo Paz onto Talk Shows
Casonia sade logenberry..I am frustrated and tired of trying to get attention and feel? Bummed out about watching the show and never being apart of the show! The Sex is keeping the show alive and Ashton is having massive sex and often jokes about it and it makes me want to watch the show even more? The use of another human being and hitting it and running and getting back to it later without commitement is really funny to some degree and hope that happens more....Love the writter and this is starting to really work in a positive direction.
Casonia sade logenberry of seattle washington saying have a wonderful outstanding day before the summer goes away! Suck up the last of the sun and get ready for winter. Just do the best you can and...Only time will tell and the show just started and give every thing a chance and let the people tune in and see if they like the show but yes it has to hurt to some degree because some one is taking your place and seeing all the people and friends you love and worked with but things happen and you have to move on...But that is really hard to do but lets go on the Bus and see where it takes us.