This article is a part of the ABC Family Style Challenge Contest for the new show Jane By Design, that premieres January 3rd at 9/8 C.

Ok, so Gray Chandler Murray at Donovan Decker asked me to go shopping and show my true style.
But what I was thinking, in order for me to become fashionable enough as to be with Donovan Decker, first step is to start by doing a Makeover on myself.
You know, as a 6ft 205 pounder bearded man, I am sure not to be the epitome of fashion and style (especially considering the rest of the competition there), and not what everyone pictures as a fashion icon; so… first things first. Stop being the picture of a before, and become the image of an after.
As my Makeover is not an extreme one, or done full throttle. I am starting with the 50 bucks gift card they sent me to prove I´m stylish.
What did I do with that money?
Well, I did two things:
I went to a gym (they have a swimming pool too!) and joined there.
Since I need to lose 20 pounds and lose the beard while at it,  the first step for becoming the After, instead of always being the poster child of “Before” is shaving and excercising.

So, as you can see in the video, I am explaining you guys what I did and why the Makeover plans.

I am participating in the Jane By Design Style Challenge, and I am the only big bearded dude in the contest, so I need as much help as possible. Do me a solid and post your own shopping video HERE or simply leave a wall post on the Jane By Design Facebook page, but be sure to tell them SeriesandTV sent you and that you want me to win it all.

The Gift card and #JBDStyleChallenge trunk was provided by ABC Family.

PS: If I win, this blog can be featured in Jane By Design show, so, you, just saying… it would be nice the help.