white-collar-spoilers-quotes-midseason-premiere-checkmateWhite Collar left last summer with a jaw dropping mid season finale in which we didn´t know if Elizabeth Burke was dead or alive when she got kidnapped.
And now White Collar comes back with six new episodes starting on Tuesday, January 17 10/9 C on USA Network. (While at it, you can enter my White Collar contest and giveaway until Jan 25)

Mark your calendars, for Season three of White Collar returns with six edge-of-your seat episodes on Tuesday, January 17 at 10/9c.
Remember in the summer finale, Peter Burke’s (DeKay) world crumbled to pieces when he found out Neal (Bomer) was in possession of the stolen Nazi treasure and his wife Elizabeth (Thiessen) was kidnapped as a result.  Now with an uncertain future and both his personal and professional life at stake, what will Peter do? What has happened to Elizabeth? And will Neal choose a side?

White Collar mid season three premiere Checkmate spoilers and best quotes

Diana: We´ll find her Peter

Peter: You have the treasure
Neal: I didn´t steal it
Peter: You son of a bitch, I don´t care, you have it, and Keller knows. You are going to give it to him so I can have my wife back
Neal: Yes, whatever you need

Elizabeth: Hi hon (So, no, Elizabeth Burke is not dead to start the episode,but Keller has her)
Peter: Hi hon, are you ok?

Neal: What did she say?
Peter: She could´ve said anything, and she asked me about Satchmo

Peter: There he is, I love my wife

Peter: Take me to the treasure

Neal: I didn´t ask for it
Peter: You could´ve walked away
Neal: I could´ve walked away. I should be paying for this, not Elizabeth
Peter: You will pay for this, just not right now

Peter: Where is it?
Neal: It was here. I swear Peter it was here. He must have moved it already
Peter: He? Who? Mozzie? You better call him
Neal: I tried

Neal: It´s Elizabeth, no lies, I don´t know

Peter: Mozzie can be anywhere in the world. We have less than twelve hours to find him
Neal: Peter, we are gonna get her back
Peter: And we start by getting Mozzie

Peter: What were you two arguing about?
Neal: Mozzie wanted to leave New York. I didn´t
Peter: Why not?
Neal: You, Elizabeth, Sarah. That window; stepping off that elevator Monday. I have a life here.

Neal: He doesn´t know but another life needs to be saved.

Diana: Boss, is there anything I can do for you?
Peter: Exactly what you are doing. There´s nobody in the world I´d trust more to spearhead this than you and Jones.

Peter: The less you know, the better right now Diana

Keller: Not even Neal can pick this lock.

Keller: Unless you have a drill hiding in your blouse, you are staying here.

Keller: Shoot her in the foot if she tries anything.

Peter: We´ve been playing by Keller´s rules. Let´s change the game.

Neal: Picturing you shooting Keller?
Peter: No, I just wanna smash his face

Mozzie: It´s a storage facilities, for honorable thieves. The kind who won´t steal from other thieves.
Keller: No such thing sweetheart.

Peter: We can do this without the commentary.

Keller: You did this
Peter: I wouldn´t play games with my wife´s life

Peter: The three of you do the best you do. Steal it
Keller: The three of us? The four.
Peter: I´m an FBI agent.

Keller: Caffrey you are a terrible host.
Neal: That´s because I don´t want you hear to begin with.

Peter: No, no killing, even more, no guns on this one.

white-collar-spoilers-quotes-midseason-premiere-checkmate-peter-elizabeth-kiss-burkeMozzie: Is there anyone in this room you didn´t try to kill?
Keller: You. Yet. But it´s starting to cross my mind Mozzie.

Keller: This is gonna be fun. Who´s excited? You? Anyone?

Keller: Why didn´t you leave?
Neal: You´ve seen what I have here. Where would I go.
Keller: Well, everybody would know you betrayed them.

Peter: Are you saying you care?
Mozzie: About Mrs Suit.

Neal: We have fifty five minutes to load everything up

Keller: What is it?
Neal: Apparently they skipped lunch.

Peter: Jones, we need to find her now. Every second counts.

Neal: Just like old times.

Police Officer: Bunch of NeoNazis?
Keller: Above my paygrade.

Neal: What part of no killing didn´t you get?

Elizabeth: Go get him. Then come back to me.

Neal: Not a Raphael… you wouldn´t

Keller: Easy boy. I have the wife, remember?
Peter: Not anymore.

Peter: How did you make that shot?
Neal: Long Story.

Mozzie: What now?
Neal: Keller needs to go away forever and to make that happen, I need to give a full confession.
Mozzie: That means prison. Lot of it.
Neal: I know. I´ll turn myself in in the morning. That should give you twelve hours of head start.

Mozzie: I always have a contingency plan.

Neal: If you want a happy ending, it depends on where you stop the story.

Mozzie: Til the next chapter
Neal: Til the next chapter.

Peter: Are you willing to give away everything?
Neal: Yes.
Peter: I am glad to hear that.

Peter: I know what you were prepared to do, and it means a lot to me

Neal: What does it mean?
Peter: It means no anklet, no nothing. In three months you can be a free man

Will Neal Caffrey be free? Will he still be working together with Peter Burke? Five more episodes will still be on White Collar, so that means, it may end with precisely that cliffhanger. The moment where Neal becomes free.


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