peter-burke-finale-expression-elizabeth-burke-dead-kidnap-keller-white-collarKeller talked to Peter in the last minutes of tonight´s season finale of White Collar. (You can see my spoiler recap and quotes of White Collar season finale too).

But in the end of the episode, the cinematography was superb, with Peter numb going back home after talking to him, only to see Diana tell him that a neighbor saw a black van with jersey plaques taking Elizabeth alive.

Let´s all remember that White Collar finale last time had us wondering if Mozzie was dead, and turned out to be a no. Let´s also remember we are also left with a cliffhanger on Castle to see if Beckett is dead or alive, and we also have Dexter, where Rita was killed.

So, what´s the route White Collar is taking? Is Elizabeth Burke going to die? Is Elizabeth Burke just kidnapped by Keller?

My bet is this: Keller kidnapped Elizabeth Burke, but Elizabeth Burke is alive and that will help build up the tension between Neal and Peter, but they will eventually work together on rescuing Elizabeth from Keller, bringing them back once again.

What do you think? Did Keller kill Elizabeth Burke? Did Keller kidnap Elizabeth Burke?
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