Blogging is about feedback; about starting conversations with the ones (either few or many who come and visit).

This blog is quite new, we are not even a month old, so we are trying to generate these conversations.

That´s why, when a find a comment message such as Jan Burton´s… it looks good.

And so, from now on, whenever I get a comment so deserving, I´ll just turn it into a post.

This is what Jan Burton had to say when finding out Prison Break is getting cancelled

I can’t believe they’re cacelling Prison Break!! I love that show, and they could’ve done so much with Michael joining the Company to build a relationship with his mom (despite what she put them through), and Lincoln fighting to get them out of the Company’s hands. I know, I know, it’s too contrived and far too simple, but the writers always come up with compelling complicated plot lines. I’d love to see how another season would play out. I also hate that adult swim cancelled Shin Chan. I love it, too. Anyone who likes comedy and doesn’t mind laughing outloud should check it out. The “Dildor” saga alone is worth a view. Dildor’s arch nemisis is a female warrior named “Slutterus. Then there’s “Shin Chan: Star Wars” where the beloved master Jedi is called “Anyone Can Blow Me”, and that’s just the beginning of it. For those die hard Superhero fans, Shin Chan offers “Action Bastard” fighting for justice against such villians as “The Deflowerer” and ” The Golden Pecker”. Needless to say, these shows aren’t for a children. I also enjoyed “My Own Worst Enemy”. The role was perfect for Christian Slater, an aptly titled program, in the vein of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde-Good Henry & Bad Edward. FX’s new season of “Damages” is shaping up to be exceptional, 1-28-09 episode tipped it’s hat to “The Bard” using a dish washing scene to pay tribute to Shakespeare’s “MacBeth” in the scene where Lady MacBeth could not wash out the ‘damned spot” of blood staining her. Daniel Purcell (William Hurt) was shown furiously trying to wash a stain off a dish that could not be saved while a masked man dressed in black advanced on his(Purcell’s) wife from behind as she swang happily from an old-fashioned rope swing encouraging her husband to come outside and play with her. The closer the masked figure came to Mrs. Purcell the harder he scrubbed that plate. When the man was within few feet of her, Purcell yelled through the glass of the kitchen window for his wife to “watch out”, but he never went outside to alert her or save her, he just scrubbed the hell out of that plate. I sure hope they don’t cancel “Smallville”. I’ve been a watcher of that series for years. You’d think with all the buzz about “Twilight” and “True Blood”, someone would talk to Joss Whedan about reviving the “Buffy” series. I know he has “Dollhouse” upcoming on Fox and I’ll definetly watch it, but even afterall these years, I still miss the best “Slayer” of all time. Jan