i-hate-you-its-simpler-that-way-fairly-legal-review-interviewFairly Legal, the newest original from the cable never miss a thing network USA, premiere is just around the corner.

Starting this January 20th, don’t go to court, go to Kate.  On Thursday, January 20th at 10/9c, USA Network brings you the premiere of its newest series, Fairly Legal.  Once a lawyer at her family’s firm, Kate Reed’s frustration with the legal system led her to a new career as a mediator. Thanks to her understanding of human nature, thorough legal knowledge and wry sense of humor, she’s a natural at resolving disputes … except when it comes to her own.  Fairly Legal stars Sarah Shahi, Michael Trucco, Baron Vaughn and Virginia Williams.  Visit the official website for games, exclusive content and more at http://www.usanetwork.com/series/fairlylegal/ and don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/fairlylegal.

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I had the chance to watch and review the premiere of Fairly Legal some days ago, and there was one quote that I thought summarize the show´s dynamics very well: That´s when Kate tells Lauren, her stepmother: “I hate you. It´s simpler that way”.

I had the amazing opportunity to talk to both Sarah Shahi, the star of the show, and Michael Sardo, the creator of Fairly Legal and ask them what that quote meant to them in the show.

Sarah Shahi interview about the Quote: “I Hate You, It´s Simpler That Way”

Seriesandtv: What do you think that line represents to the whole story?

Sarah Shahi: You’re talking about the part when I tell Lauren— yes, when I’m telling her—she’s like, “Is it me you hate or lawyers in general?”  I just say, “My mom made him happy until he met you, and I hate you for that; it’s simpler that way.”  That whole thing, what that meant.

A few things.  First of all, you kind of get the impression that Kate is a no bullshit kind of girl.  She says what she means and she means what she says.  So she’s very straightforward so that’s one.

Two:  With Lauren and Kate, specifically she’s not making any apologies for how she feels about her.  All the sudden he meets this woman who’s less than half of his age, and Kate kind of gets stuck to the corner and here’s the new wife, the trophy wife, and Kate hates it for a lot of reasons.  I think it’s just her way of saying, “Look, I’m never going to like you.  I’m never going to forgive you and there you have it.”  She’s very unapologetic about her disdain for Lauren and she just tells her right there.

Michael Sardo interview about the Quote: “I Hate You, It´s Simpler That Way”

Seriesandtv: My favorite one from the pilot is the one that Kate tells Lauren, “I hate you; it’s simpler that way.”  What´s your favorite one liner from the pilot?

Michael Sardo: I think you and I, Guillermo, have the same favorite one liner from the pilot, because that line sums up Kate’s both her self-knowledge and her acceptance of herself and the antagonisms that exist within her.  “I hate you; it’s simpler that way,” she gives a speech which says I know it’s ridiculous to hate you, because I loved my father and my father loved you, and yet you’re everything that I don’t like so therefore I hate you, it’s simpler, I’m moving on.

I think that really the attitude of that sums up Kate so well.  She is often a bundle of contradictions, each of which she’s very confident of and none of which should seem to be able to live within the same person, and that’s what makes her such a fun character for me to write, and hopefully for everyone else to watch.  But nice choice on the one liner, by the way.

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