Every Month and every year I like to reflect on the stars we lost and do an In Memoriam Tribute, in this case In Memoriam August 2017. Because Life is a cycle, and since the day we are born, we must know what´s ahead for us in the end. However, it is always sad to see someone we know go; and we want to do something to honor them. And since many iconic figures of film and television left us in August 2017. In this video we want to honor them and say our goodbyes.

 In Memoriam August 2017 Film & Television

Some big stars left us in August 2017. Such as Richard Anderson, Jay Thomas, Robert Hardy, Jerry Lewis, Dick Gregory and Joseph Bologna.

May they rest in peace.
Like in the Emmys or the Oscars In Memoriam, an August 2017 compilation to pay our respect.


  • Mariann Mayberry, 52, American actress
  • Eric Zumbrunnen, 52, American film editor
  • Daniel Licht, 60, American soundtrack composer
  • Ty Hardin, 87, American actor
  • Robert Hardy, 91, British actor
  • Haruo Nakajima, 88, Japanese actor
  • Glen Campbell, 81, American singer and actor
  • Barbara Cook, 89, American singer and actress
  • Eugenio Polgovsky, 40, Mexican filmmaker
  • Joseph Bologna, 82, American actor
  • Victor Pemberton, 85, British writer and television producer
  • Jon Shepodd, 89, American actor
  • Sonny Landham, 76, American actor
  • Sir Bruce Forsyth, 89, English television presenter
  • Dick Gregory, 84, American comedian
  • Jerry Lewis, 91, American comedian
  • Nati Mistral, 88, Spanish actress and singer
  • Jay Thomas, 69, American actor
  • Tobe Hooper, 74, American film director
  • Richard Anderson, 91, American actor

May They All Rest In Peace.

Make sure you take a look at the video and leave your comments either here or there honoring those we lost that will be sorely missed from our screens. Their talent and charisma will be displayed in heaven from now on.

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