20 TV reboot for 2017 - 2018

Nostalgic times come for everybody… and this time, nostalgia is coming to our screens. Broadcast networks, premium cablers and streaming platforms are relying heavily on the reboot as a tool to bring proven track records back to television.
Of course, a reboot won´t always work. But it´s clearly worth a shot.

And in this video we will be taking a look at 20 TV reboots we can´t wait to see in 2017 and 2018.

Number 20- American Idol:
The show ended just a little over a year ago, and it is already being brought back to life at ABC, with Ryan Seacrest once again as host.

Number 19 – Arrested Development
Netflix is bringing one more season with the entire main cast for 2018. The show was already revived in 2013, now it gets a second reboot.

Number 18 – Charmed
Before Supernatural had us following siblings battling evil, Charmed was the main show in the matter, featuring three sister witches in a small New England town. The CW is eyeing the revival for 2018-2019.

Number 17 – Curb your enthusiasm
This show makes it to the list, only because of its status as a great comedy show. But since it is Larry David, we never know if it´s a reboot or just a long hiatus since the last episodes aired in 2011.

Number 16 – Dynasty
We already saw Dallas come back, now it´s time for Dynasty and follow the feud between the Carringtons and the Colbys.

Number 15 – The First Wives Club
Rebooting a film with as big a cast as this one will prove to be a heavy task for TV Land. Alyson Hannigan, Mega Hilty and Vanessa Lachey will tackle the reboot.

Number 14 – Heathers

Reimagining the 80´s cult film. The idea behind this reboot is doing it as an anthology series, each season focusing on a different heroine and mean girls.

Number 13 – The Jetsons
The futuristic animated series will take us once again a century in the future to see how this beloved family lives 100 years from now.

Number 12 – The Karate Kid
This time named Cobra Kai, a comedy continuing what we saw in the 80´s, with what happens 30 years later for the main characters Daniel and Johnny. Premieres in YouTube Red in 2018.

Number 11 – The L Word
This show pushed the envelope in 2004. Now, over a decade later it can show a new push, once again.

Number 10 – Lost in Space
Rebooting a sixties series is always a risky option. Now Netflix is slating Lost in Space to premiere in 2018.

Number 9 – Magnum P.I.
Tom Selleck starred in this classic detective series from way back when. Now the show will come back as Magnum centered on Lily Magnum, Tommy´s daughter.

Number 8 – Miami Vice
A show that will be difficult to capture the essence of the original, and I am hoping to be proved wrong.

Number 7 – MTV Unplugged
Some of the best records from the nineties came from this show. Now, we can only hope the new incarnation holds its own.

Number 6 – The Munsters
This classic sitcom will come back, now on the East coast, focusing on a family of creatures in Brooklyn.

Number 5 – Psych
If this was a series reboot, it would be ranked number one. But since it is just a small chance, with a holiday movie reuniting the whole cast, it gets bumped to number five.

Number 4 – Queer Eye for the straight guy
Now that this show gets revived, it is time to bring back What not to wear and all is well.

Number 3 – Star Trek
This time called Star Trek Discovery. A prequel to the times of the Enterprise, Captain Kirk and Spock.

Number 2 – Tales from the crypt

Bringing back this eightes cult horro classic, may be the best or worst decision ever for TNT executives. No middle ground there.

Number 1 – Will and Grace
A sitcom classic from must watch television times at NBC is coming back for season nine September 28th and is already renewed for season 10.

Now tell us in the comments… which are the reboots you are expecting the most.
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