Every Month and every year I like to reflect on the stars we lost and do an In Memoriam Tribute, in this case In Memoriam September 2017. Life is a journey, not a destination says the song, and for these iconic Film & TV stars, the journey here ended, and they started the next part of whatever comes next, but they are surely going to be remembered and they left us with a big legacy. In this video we want to honor them and say our goodbyes.

In Memoriam September 2017 Film & Television

Some big stars left us in September 2017, such as Jake LaMotta, Elizabeth Kemp, Frank Vincent, Hugh Hefner, Blake Heron and Len Wein

May they rest in peace.
Like in the Emmys or the Oscars In Memoriam, a September 2017 compilation to pay our respect.

Shelley Berman, 92, American comedian and actor
Elizabeth Kemp, 65, American actress
Novella Nelson, 77, American actress and singer
Harry Gittes, 81, American film producer
Murray Lerner, 90, American documentarian and producer, Oscar winner
Gastone Moschin, 88, Italian actor
Solomon Efimovich Shulman, 81, Belarusian writer and film director
Blake Heron, 35, American actor
Len Wein, 69, American comic book writer and editor
Mark LaMura, 68, American actor
Frank Vincent, 78, American actor
Harry Dean Stanton, 91, American actor (Alien, The Green Mile, Big Love)
Bernie Casey, 78, American actor
Jake LaMotta, 95, American Hall of Fame boxer and comedian,
José Salcedo, 68, Spanish film editor
Gisèle Casadesus, 103, French actress
Tony Booth, 85, British actor
Elizabeth Dawn, 77, British actress
Barry Dennen, 79, American actor
Hugh Hefner, 91, American magazine publisher
Benjamin Whitrow, 80, British actor
Monty Hall, 96, Canadian-American game show host

May They All Rest In Peace.

Make sure you take a look at the video and leave your comments either here or there honoring those we lost that will be sorely missed from our screens. Their talent and charisma will be displayed in heaven from now on.

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