In The House has scheduled a very interesting episode. The upcoming episode of ‘In The House’, airing on Encore Thursday, February 10 at 7:30pm ET/PT and Sunday, February 13 at 10:30am ET/PT.
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Best Quotes from Geoffrey Rush on In The House

Academy Award® nominee Geoffrey Rush – Best Supporting Actor – The King’s Speech

I never thought The King’s Speech would be a commercial hit on this scale (it has grossed over $100 million worldwide), I mean, having two middle aged men becoming friends and talking to one another being a box office success…

I’m working on a niche.  In the fourth chapter of the Pirates movie, Barbossa ends up working for King George II, so I kind of mentor him.  I’m really establishing a little niche which I should market myself – looking after Elizabeth the 1st, George the VI and George II, so if there are any writers out there who have a royal figure who needs someone behind the throne, I’m still free.

Best Quotes from Academy Award® Producer Bruce Cohen and Producer/Director Don Mischer/Guber on In The House

On James Franco and Anne Hathaway as hosts:

The selection of the hosts were us.  The first job of the producers every year and in some ways the most momentous decision that you’ll make. We were looking at the old shows and we got excited about the idea of movie stars hosting the show.  That’s part of a trend now with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin and Hugh Jackman the year before.  But over the last 30-40 years, a lot of host have been more comedians than movie stars – Bob Hope and Johnny Carson – two of the greatest hosts of all time, much beloved, but they weren’t co-starring in movies during that time.  That’s where we started loving the idea of finding two young up and coming stars to see the show thru their eyes.  There’s never been a male and female hosting the Oscars together – ever.  This is the first time.

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