As usual, The Martha Stewart Show has a great week ahead already planned. And here´s all the scoop.

Martha Stewart Show Spoilers for Monday, February 14

The Heart Show
Join Martha for an hour of wholehearted — and last-minute — Valentine’s Day ideas: Experience the magic of meringue with a batch of easy-to-make heart-shaped cookies. Plus, stories from inside the operating room with heart surgeon Dr. Kathy Magliato.

Martha Stewart Show Spoilers for  Tuesday, February 15

The Sisters Show
Celebrate sisterhood with a special show dedicated to this important relationship: Make simply sophisticated flower arrangements with designer Victoria Hagan and her sister Marianne. Plus, explore the basis of the sisterly bond with an entertaining look at the dynamics of sister-sister conversations from author Deborah Tannen (“You Were Always Mom’s Favorite!”).

Martha Stewart Show Spoilers for Wednesday, February 16

Happy Hour
Find your happy place and get instant bliss with simple ways to beat the winter blues: Learn how to lighten your mood with plyometrics, a calorie- and angst-burning routine that benefits both the mind and the body. Plus, Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show host David Frei is here with the smile-inducing winners of this year’s competition.

Martha Stewart Show Spoilers for Thursday, February 17

Redo, Renew, Recycle
Embrace the three R’s of sustainable living with creative ways to give new life to old items: Beautify your bathroom with wallet-friendly suggestions from editorial director of decorating Kevin Sharkey. Then, turn a worn leather coat into a fashionable new handbag with “Martha Stewart Show” crafter Kristin St. Clair, and put old hearing aids and eyeglasses to good use with a guide to thoughtful recycling.

Martha Stewart Show Spoilers for Friday, February 18

Simple Sewing Projects
Learn how to make a colorful children’s duvet with a simple sewing lesson from Martha. Plus, inspiring gardening ideas for your home

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