interview-danielle-barker-starvivalA couple of days ago I told you that you could watch Starvival the Webseries finale, and now I took some time to chat a little bit with its star, creator, editor and whatnot Danielle Barker to do a little balance about doing the webseries.

Interview with Starvival creator Dani Barker

Seriesandtv: What did it mean to you doing Starvival?

Danielle Barker: To put this simply- Starvival is a series following the mysterious and risque adventures one might come across when applying to job-postings within the world-wide-web. I started this show to create awareness behind the dangers of using internet sites such as Craigslist.
It means EVERYTHING to me to be able to forewarn other girls like myself, or other peeps in the “biz”, so they don’t get caught up in these situations and then later, taken advantage of. Every Episode has a strong message but I portray it through comedy for Entertainment’s sake. Nobody wants to watch a 7 minute lecture on what not-to-do. Boring.

Seriesandtv: What does the webseries format allow you to explore?

Danielle Barker: I have a basic structure I try to follow when editing but because I am my own boss- I can do whatever I want. 😉 I am working for myself so I really have creative freedom to do anything I want to do. Which I have. However, after watching a few of the Episodes, you can see that there is a semi-consistent pattern- fast cuts, bouncy music, sped up clips, flashbacks, and then the Tip of the Week on how to save money.

Seriesandtv:  Tell me your thoughts about the finale episode, and why it´s so different than the rest of the show

Danielle Barker: After finishing the final edit of the last episode just over a week ago, “Meet my L.A. Sugar Daddy”- I’ve had an amazingly positive reaction which opens up doors to the L.A. market. I had plans since the beginning to take the show to Los Angeles as it would be a perfect fit- especially considering the amount of slime-balls that scour Craigslist over there.
This last Episode is just a sneak preview as to the amount of possibilities that L.A. could offer. But I edited in such a way, secretly filming a Sugar Daddy for 4 days, to showcase that anyone can get suckered into this “Glamorous lifestyle”, manipulated with lies to give up their life to be with a stranger who is offering them the world. But for what? Exactly.

Seriesandtv: Would you recommend someone trying to start in showbusiness to do a webseries? Why?

Danielle Barker: Absolutely. Web series are a perfect way to showcase your talent. Heck- I have done 25 Episodes on NO-budget. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Doesn’t mean yours will be good…. but doesn’t hurt to try right? “It’s the way of the future”.

Seriesandtv: What´s next to come for you?

Danielle Barker: I am currently partnered with Buck Productions for Starvival, so let’s cross our fingers on getting a TV deal. Outside of Starvival, I have a few different projects on the go that are currently occupying ALL of my time- hence why I needed to end the series …. for now.
Moderation Town- another web series that I star in, just got picked up for Season 2 so we’ll be filming that this winter.
And I have two other shows in development which require a lot of writing. And research!

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