one-life-to-live-cancelled-all-my-children-renewedThe two soaps had been cancelled before, and Prospect Park saved them to make them live once again online. And they strived there. Specially All My Children, getting renewed, as the writers are already working on some second season storylines (second season at Prospect Park that is). but One Life To Live is indefinitely on hiatus (hint, hint, that usually means cancelled). The thing is, that Prospect Park would love to keep the show going, but there´s a legal battle these days between the production company and ABC. This lawsuit is because the show loaned two characters to ABC´s General Hospital, and they were killed off in a car accident there. The suit alleges that ABC sabotaged the online version by killing characters off.

Both shows were earlier this season on hiatus due to labor dispute now resolved, and also had to face the rage of fans when the network decided to cut down from four weekly episodes to two.

But both shows were able to move forward. So now, All My Children is getting renewed, and One Life To Live is momentarily and indefinitely suspended, but… will that lead to cancellation? What do you think?

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