jennifer-aniston-inside-actors-studio-quotesOn the Monday, July 11, 2011 edition of Bravo’s “Inside the Actors Studio” (airing 8pm ET/PT), host James Lipton sits down with Emmy Award-winner and everyone’s favorite “friend” Jennifer Aniston. (Well, actually mine was Chandler)  During this interview with Lipton, Aniston reflects on her career including her early days in the movie “Leprechaun” up to her current role in the summer movie “Horrible Bosses.” Aniston has brought her talent for both comedic and serious roles to the large and small screen in fare as varied as “Friends,” which earned her five Emmy nominations and a Lead Actress Emmy, blockbusters such as “Bruce Almighty,” “Office Space,” “The Breakup” and independent films including “The Good Girl.”

Best Quotes from Jennifer Aniston on Inside the Actors Studio

Jennifer Aniston quote on where she was born:

JL: Where were you born?
JA: I was born in Sherman Oaks, California.
JL: That’s in the San Fernando Valley. Technically you were…
JA: A Valley Girl [laughs]

Jennifer Aniston quote on her education experience:

JL: What was your first school?
JA: My first school was Rudolph Steiner School
JL: The Rudolph Steiner School is very famous. What makes it unique?
JA: Well…you’re very crafty.
JL: The arts are integrated at Steiner…
JA: Oh yeah, you’re doing plays…and I mean it’s …I mean I can’t really tell you where like Indonesia is…you’re either really crafty or you have to look stuff up… [laughs]

Jennifer Aniston quote on the film, The Breakup:

JL: What drew you to the film The Breakup?
JA: It was just a beautiful human story about this couple breaking up, and I could kinda, you know… I was slightly familiar with the topic and issue, and so I honestly felt like, what a great way to sort of exercise some of that.
JL: Did that familiarity make it easier or harder?
JA: Easier oddly. I enjoyed it. You would think otherwise, but why not…turn the page.  Let’s move on.

Jennifer Aniston quote on words God would say at the pearly gates:

JL: If heaven exists, what would you like God to say to you when you arrive at the pearly gates?
JA: Never thought I’d see you here.

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