jimmy-fallon-sandy-hurricaneHurricane Sandy has hit New York harshly today, and after all shows on Broadway cancelled, after Subway got closed due to sea water filtering, and people got evacuated, Jimmy Fallon nonetheless took the street and did his opening monologue, and went on to have Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show as is.
The show had Jimmy Fallon outside Rockefeller Center doing his monologue in front of nobody, since there was no live audience for the show.

Hurricane Sandy Cold Open and Monologue (10/29/12)

In the midst of Hurricane Sandy, Jimmy opens the show from the streets of NYC, then performs his monologue for an empty audience.

Even though there was no audience for tonight´s show, there was one person attending, and Jimmy Fallon engaged with him.

Mets Bucket Hat Guy: The Only Guy In The Audience (10/29/12)

Due to Hurricane Sandy, there was no audience for Monday’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. But one guy did show up…

What do you think? Can a show like Fallon´s bring some needed distraction for the worried people at home? Stay Safe New Yorkers. Follow all official instructions on how to stay safe, and be prepared. This time, instead of telling you to follow me on Twitter for scoop, I´ll recommend Government list of how to act during a Hurricane.