dexter-s07e06-spoilers-do-the-wrong-thingYesterday, there was another great episode of Dexter called Swim Deep, and as usual, folks at Showtime, AKA some of my favourite people on earth, sent me next week´s episode of Dexter to watch upfront and tell you some tidbits of it to get you excited, as you need that, right?
Well, as usual, I am only going to talk about the first few minutes of the episode as not to give away spoilers on next week´s Dexter.
The episode is Dexter S07E06 Do the Wrong Thing, written by Lauren Gussis and Directed by Alik Sakharov in which Dexter becomes more intrigued by Hannah, while Debra gets to know local crime writer Sal Price, who has dug up some possibly incriminating dirt on Hannah. Quinn gets made an offer he tries to refuse, while Batista is drawn to a new business opportunity. And try as Debra might, she can’t stop LaGuerta from upending the Bay Harbor Butcher case…

Dexter S07E06 Do The Wrong Thing preview and best quotes and moments – unspoiler

The previously on Dexter segment shows us Dex and Deb talking about LaGuerta; Dexter talking with the new villainess Hannah played by Yvonne Strahovski; Joey Quinn getting the money bag and finally the moment in which Dexter and Isaac share a talk.

Dexter: I saw the way she touched the trophies.

Dexter: I know she killed her husband, I just need proof.

Dexter: Why do you think I need a kill so badly

Dexter: I need a peace offer

Dexter: At least I can make a peace offering to one woman in my life

Isaac: We outnumber you, we outgun you. Quite frankly we outsmart you, so I´m afraid in the long term your plan falls a little short.

Dexter: I´ll be able to catch her before going to work

Dexter: I watched her for days… she never changes her schedule.

Hannah: Great, you are a stalker

Dexter: Remind me never to show to your property unannounced
Hannah: A little late for that

And that´s up to ten minutes in the episode. So that´s as far as I am going to go so I don´t give spoilers on Dexter S07E06 Do The Wrong Thing episode.

What do you think? Will you watch Dexter next week? Do you think, like me, that LaGuerta may be killed off soon? Let me know in the comments section. Also, follow me on Twitter for more Dexter´s scoop.