Good thing about having a great bench is that your starters mught be out and there´s no big deal… See San Antonio Spurs Manu Ginobili history any time you want, and you´ll see what I mean.

Well, American Idol is no different, and now Joanna Pacitti has been disqualified from top 36 of American Idol.

Joanna Pacitti was already controversial, since she forgot the lyrics during Hollywood week, and she has a past in entertainment industry.

The decision was made because Pacitti had once worked with a person subsequently hired by 19 Entertainment, which produces “American Idol” with FremantleMedia, said another person familiar with the disqualification. Pacitti also knew a second 19 Entertainment employee, the source said.

Is that enough?

Well, at least it´s good news for Felicia Barton, who gets to be a top 36 on American Idol…

I wonder how they got her the news…

Do you think its ok for Joanna Pacitti to get disqualified of American Idol?