Recap of American Idol Season 8 Second Group Elimination Night

Ok, as usual, the show started with a compiled video filled with second group members

moments. Great video.

Then a recap of the previous night performances, starting with the guys, and then going

to the girls.

No doubt about Allison Iraheta deserving right?

And now… the show…

Round of questions.

– What can we expect of you Norman, if you don´t make it?. Ryan
– I´ll be looking for a job.

A little animosity between Matt Breitzke and Simon.

Jesse Langseth talking about song choices.

Jeanine Vailes “Less could´ve been more”.

We start with Allison Iraheta and Jesse Langseth, Matt Breitzke. Out of that first group,

Randy said Allison should be through… and America has spoken… Allison Iraheta is the

first one to go through.
And she joins Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace and Michael Sarver.
An encore for her performance of Heart´s Alone.

After the break Megan Corkrey and Kris Allen. Ryan recapped what the judges thought…
Right after that, Ryan calls Jeanine Vailes and Matt Giraud to join them, and asks Paula to

say who should pass…
I´m torn between Matt, Kris and Megan (ouch! Jeanine).
Ryan says it: Jeanine is out.
Ryan says: Matt, it´s not gonna be you either.
Down to Kris and Megan… Kara said: I gave him a hard time because he´s so good. In

Hollywood week you were the best, and last night it was not…
Kara said: Megan you´re unique and with the good song you can be a good recording

America voted, and the person going through to Top Twelve is Kris Allen.
Thank you so much, oh, my Gosh! was what Kris Allen had to say.

An encore presentation of Man on the river by Kris Allen

After another break, last season´s Brooke White is back, with a great advice to the

contestants: “Don´t Google your name”.
She´s here to present her new single: Hold on to my heart.

Mishavonna, Kai, NIck/Norman, Jasmine and Adam on stage…
Ryan starts the recaps with Mishavonna Henson “I did my best”.
After her, Kai Kalama´s safe shot.
The Jasmine Murray´s time “I don´t know… You need to be prepared for whatever happens”.
Mishavonna, Kai and Jasmine are out…

So, down to Adam and Nick/Norman.

Ryan: That leaves us with this three: Nick, Norman and Adam.

Simon: I prayed for six hours last night.

American has spoken: Adam Lambert takes the sixth spot and goes for Rolling Stones´ Satisfaction encore.

So, now we have: Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert on American Idol top twelve. What do you think?