kal penn is alive kutner diedHe wasn´t asking out, what kind of writing twist are they trying to accomplish?

We´ll have to wait for a new Harold And Kumar to enjoy some of Kal Penn´s joy on screen.

Are the writers of House trying to show how the team deals with pain?

Why is Kal Penn leaving House MD?

Why is it that someone needed to die on House MD?

Why are there all those rumours about Kal Penn actually commiting suicide?

Those rumours are as false as those who have killed Paul McCartney and Tom Petty years ago and theorized about it.

Kal Penn is alive and well; he was at a Lakers Basketball game as he twitted about, not dead since April 2nd as some sources said.

So… why those rumours? Perhaps so there would be no leaking before the show… I don´t know.

I still don´t get it.

Yet… if you want more info. In about an hour or two Ausiello is going to publish an interview with Kal Penn himself, and with Executive Producers.

So, hang in there and wait. But rest assure: Kal Penn is Alive and well.

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