keep-a-child-alive-with-alicia-keysAIDS is a pandemy, and we still need to raise awareness about it. And that´s what Showtime and Alicia Keys paired up to do.
To commemorate World AIDS Day, SHOWTIME will premiere “KEEP A CHILD ALIVE WITH ALICIA KEYS,” a powerful documentary that bears witness to the AIDS pandemic in South Africa, on Thursday, December 1st at 9:00 PM (ET/PT).  The film follows five Americans (Talaina Brown, Kristen Dyer, Rachel Hathaway, Aaron McCoy, and Sonya Soni) who won the chance to travel with music superstar and AIDS advocate Alicia Keys, to Keep a Child Alive’s funded sites in South Africa, during the exhilarating atmosphere of the first World Cup on African soil.  Through their eyes, with Keys as their guide, the film chronicles the incredible beauty of the people they encounter and the sorrow they witness as they meet the faces of the statistics; the 5.7 million people currently living with HIV and the 15 million AIDS orphans, in Africa alone.

“What I love most about our documentary is that it really is told through a human perspective, and by telling it in that way, it brings the AIDS epidemic home and makes it completely relatable and powerful,” said Keys.  “We hope everyone who watches is as affected and moved as the five Americans who traveled with me to experience the crisis first hand.  Many thanks to SHOWTIME for helping us ignite a conversation about the AIDS pandemic as KCA continues to work to galvanize a movement to save lives and end AIDS.”

Keep a Child Alive (KCA) provides first-class AIDS care, support, nutrition and love to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India.  KCA funds more than just the pills necessary to fight HIV/AIDS, but also the necessary nutrition, shelter and support to ensure the treatment is effective.  KCA currently provides funding to 11 clinical and orphan care sites in 5 regions:  Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and India; with previous projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, and Zimbabwe that have been successfully scaled to new levels of service and self-sustainability within their communities.  KCA is committed to engaging the global public in the fight against AIDS and is a pioneer in fundraising.

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