the-movie-networkMy favorite entertainment website is mine, of course, because, well, it´s mine! And it talks mostly about television shows, and a bit about books, and some about sports and some about films. Not so much about films, just a little bit. Exactly as I´d like to make it. And that leaves a lot of room for me to browse on websites about films, movies and stuff. And that is why I am going to talk a bit about The Movie Network.

The site has good amount of news, for instance it is talking a lot about Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice now, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Two of the movies that will make most of the buzz. And the coverage is well done, and with tons of pictures, videos and multimedia; so you can actually stay long time in there browsing and reading.

But, besides the news, which most sites also have; let´s talk about why I am recommending this one: the special features.

Movie Giveaways: I also do lots of giveaways in this site, but they have multiple simultaneous giveaways, and I have to admit it, makes me a bit jealous. I wish I could be giving away more goodies too.

the-movie-networkTrailers: Instead of having to go all over the internet looking for the trailers of the movies showing on theaters; you have them all in there ready to be clicked on. And that saves a lot of time, so you can watch more and decide what to go see.

Showtimes and Tickets: Now that you watched the trailers and decided which movie to go watch, you can also learn the times and dates the movie is showing in the theaters near you. And also, buy the tickets. Talk about saving time!

Critic Club: If you are in the industry and review movies, are a critic or anything similar; you can join the Critic Club. I may be wrong, but I haven´t seen that feature anywhere else.

Green Room: They have this very neatly done, a space for writers, producers, directors and actors to submit press releases about films. I only have a link to my e-mail… it´s not the same I admit.

The Apps: They have apps for every tablet and mobile. So they are truly portable.

All in all, If you want to learn about TV shows, mine is the website for it, but if you want to know about films, I can comfortably recommend The Movie Network. Let me know what you think when you visit it.

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