Community - Season 5Folks at are bringing hope to Human Beings around the world because they are reporting about the rambles behind the scenes with negotiations by Sony Studios to bring a new season of Community to Hulu, for the streaming service who already has the past seasons on the show in its library; after the announcement to go bigger on originals for the next year.
Let´s also remember that Sony does not give up easy on cancelled shows, as Drop Dead Diva, The Unforgettable, Rules of Engagement, Damages and Community among other shows from the studio survived cancellation and were shopped around to find new homes. thing that brings hopes is the intention of Dan Harmon on moving forward on a new season, and the chemistry the cast has, especially now that characters that were asking to get out of the show, like Chevy Chase´s and Donald Glover´s have left.

Perennial bubble show Community has a big following, and a particularily loyal fanbase that could help Hulu climb the subscribers count well over the 6 millions it now has.

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