Psych-lets-doo-wop-it-again-spoilers-videosPsych newest episode will include Gus´s a capella group, with guest stars Mekhi Phifer and Jaleel White; alongside visits from Kristy Swanson playing Carlton Lassiter´s girlfriend and Cheech Marin getting shot.
Gus’ college a capella group is reunited to create harmonized perfection. And to solve a murder of an inner-city hero. Of course Shawn tries to butt in as the token-white-guy in their singing ensemble.If you want, you can  check-in via GetGlue for a chance to win an exclusive Psych Arcade and iPad! I need to do some extorsion on someone to get one of those arcades… muajaja.

But now, back to the episode, you can watch a couple of preview teaser videos from Let´s Doo Wop it Again

Shawn gets the appendix removed on Psych Let´s Doo Wop it Again – Video

Lassie and his girl on Psych Let´s Doo Wop it Again – Video

Psych Let´s Doo Wop it Again – Promo Video

With Shawn at the hospital, Gus will have to make the calls, and do a little Psychic Detectiveness. You know you can´t miss it, right? So Make sure you schedule it properly: Wednesday, March 21 – PSYCH – “Let’s Doo-Wop It Again” – 10/9c on USA.

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