kathy-bates-two-half-men-spoiler-charlie-harperOk, so the biggest thing about Two and a Half Men these days is the news about Charlie Harper coming back to the show, but, there´s no chance on earth Charlie Sheen goes back to Two and a Half Men, therefore, the ghost of Charlie needs a recast… and what a better suit for the character than Kathy Bates? Indeed, the veteran actress will take on the role of the past Charlie Harper in the form of a ghost for the episode slated to air April 30 on CBS.
In that episode, Alan will suffer a minor heart attack, leading to his visions of the ghost of his brother Charlie Harper who visits him in the hospital.

Crazy? Well… it´s not the first time that craziness came from the set of “Men”, so having Charlie Harper coming back to Two and a Half Men, as a ghost and played by Kathy Bates it´s not the craziest of all, and will probably make for a must watch. We can safely assume there will be some low punches to the character of Charlie in the episode. You can take that to the bank.

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