life-unexpected-spoilers-ryan-plot-baze-bar-fireOk, if you saw season premiere of Life Unexpected you must be wondering it. Did Ryan have something to do with Baze´s bar fire?

Is Ryan´s sister guilty on a non accidental fire?

What do you think?

Cate and Ryan return from their honeymoon only to discover that major changes have been made at the radio station in their absence. A very confused Baze struggles with his feelings for Cate, and ends up hooking up with the hot new bartender, Paige, at his bar. Meanwhile, Lux and Bug find themselves at a major crossroads in their relationship.

But Paige turns out to be not the hot new bartender, but Ryan´s sister.

So, Is Ryan guilty of plotting in Baze´s bar fire? What do you think? Let me know in the comments section.

My guess is that Paige did it all by herself, but that will bring storm towards Ryan and Cate whenever Baze meets the sister and find out she is the same girl as the bartender.

The thing that troubles me about Life Unexpected is that it´s pulling a Pretty Little Liars with all the Lux / new english teacher tension.

It works on PLL, but, will it work on Life Unexpected?