cuddy nude scene interview huddy luddyOk, I am a big fan of Michael Ausiello´s blog, right?

Well, he got the chance to interview Lisa Edelstein on the red carpet, and asked her some things about:

1) Cuddy and House, or Huddy

She said: “I haven´t given up on Huddy.

2) Cuddy and Lucas, or Luddy

She said: “Maybe Lucas is a diversion. He´s young, he´s cute. Cuddy beeds a diversion.

3) On Lisa Cuddy nude scene

She said: “I was disrobed for one of the scenes. The crew and the team were gentlemen.

If you want to see the video of the interview with Lisa Edelstein where she talks about Cuddy´s nude scene among others things, visit Ausiello´s blog.