Lisa-Kudrow-Glee-Who-do-you-think-you-areI had the chance of entering a call with Lisa Kudrow, mainly to talk about her show Who Do You Think You Are that is premiering a new season that features Martin Sheen among other guest stars.

But what caught my attention was when she talked about the possibility of Lisa Kudrow playing Brittany´s mom on Glee:

This question was made by Jamie Steinberg from Starry Constellation Magazine:

Q: Well, there’s a big Glee movement to have you on as one of the characters mother, Heather Morris. She plays Brittany. I’m not sure if you watch the show or not or would be interested in possibly playing Brittany’s mom.

Lisa Kudrow: No, I’ve seen the show. Yes. I get why people say – suggest that.

Q: And would it interest you?

Lisa Kudrow: Well, I’m not – I don’t sing.

Q: Well, they’re not all singing parts.

Lisa Kudrow: Okay.

Q: So that changes your mind? You might per- well, the show (unintelligible)…

Lisa Kudrow: No, no one’s asked, so…

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Where and When to watch Lisa Kudrow?

Who Do You Think You Are airs Fridays 8 PM on NBC.