locked-up-abroad-season-six-natgeo2National Geographic is bringing a new season of a great series to our televisions. And that´s always something to look forward to. Locked Up Abroad comes back for more starting April 25 at 10PM.

Being  held  captive  far  from  home  is  every  traveler’s  worst nightmare.  Now, imagine not only detailing the nightmare to the world, but reliving the captivity in front of cameras — the interaction with hostile inmates, beatings, torture and months of emotional and physical turmoil.  In a Locked Up Abroad first, the international hit series returns with its first subject offering his personal imprisonment account … and re-enacting every scene himself.

Beginning  Wednesday,  April  25,  at  10  PM  ET/PT,  National Geographic Channel’s cult favorite  Locked Up Abroad is back for a sixth season, taking viewers inside firsthand accounts of capture, imprisonment and  pure  terror  far  from  home.    Presented  entirely  from  the  subject’s  point  of  view,  hear  every  critical detail  and  watch  each  heart-pounding  moment  of  the  harrowing  journey  unfold.    Combining  revealing,
intimate personal interviews with dramatic re-enactments,  each  one-hour  episode  focuses  on  an extraordinary situation, recounting the brutality, the  bravery and, in some cases, the bad decisions that put the traveler in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In  the  special  premiere episode,  Hollywood actor Erik Aude is on the brink of stardom after acting in a supporting role in “Dude, Where My Car?”, never imagining the possibility of being locked up in Pakistan, beaten  and  tortured  routinely,  unless  as part of a  movie  script.   But  his  nightmare  is  realized  when Pakistani police discover opium in the lining of his suitcase — a crime he didn’t know he was committing.
This  setup  resulted  in  a  nearly  three-year  nightmare  that  not  many  would  have  survived to tell.  Now, Aude tells his story and re-enacts each moment — from innocently traveling in a new country to his initial detainment and endless brutal beatings.

“I have waited more than eight years to share the details of my story,” said Aude.  “Locked  Up  Abroad provided  me  an  opportunity  to  share  exactly  what  happened  in  my  own  words,  with  my  own  re-enactment and on my own terms.  Through this experience, I can now move beyond those excruciating times.”

Additionally,  NGC  takes  a  brand-new  approach  to  the  series  with  the  debut  of  Locked  Up  Abroad: Popped,  based  off  VH1’s  retro  hit  show  Pop-Up Video.    It’s  the  heart-pounding  Locked  Up  Abroad episodes  viewers  love,  but  now  with  the  beloved,  bubbled  bits  of  knowledge  and  insight  added  to  the screen action.  A four-hour marathon kicks off Friday, April 20, at 8 PM ET/PT.

Other regular Locked Up Abroad episodes this season include:
•  A  magician’s  smuggling  act  of  swallowing  pellets  of  hash  and  transporting  them  from  Nepal provides easy cash, but when diahhrea hits, he’s forced to body-pack the hash instead.
•  A  divorced  mother  of  three  is  locked  in  a  Peruvian  jail  and  thinks  her  breast  cancer  — once in remission — has returned.  Jumping her parole, she makes a bold escape for Ecuador.
•  Stephen Comiskey starts a romance with another man in Saudi Arabia — where homosexuality is outlawed.  When religious police track him down, he fears execution.

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