I´m always looking for great mens fashion wear, and in that quest, I often turn to look at how does TV do it.

Of course, there are two different approaches; you look at the characters on television, or you look at the stars.

Let´s take a look at the latter option. If you take a look at the stars, the best options are:

a) Watch the Awards ceremonies and decide which of the stars has the type of body the closest to yours and how they combine colors and how they decide what to wear. George Clooney´s shirts ae always awesome but I cannot pull that off; I tend to look more on what the bigger stars wear (in terms of size).

b) Watch the star you like how he dresses when he is not at an award show. Rarely will you go to the Oscars or Golden Globes, right. So take a look at how he dresses when doing interviews. Maybe the Late Night Shows are a good option.

c) You then, and only then go to the stores and search for that type of shirt. Normally for us it´s a bit overwhelming and we don´t know where to start otherwise.

Now, the other option; looking at what the characters wear. This is much riskier, as normally the characters are more over the top than what we would normally wear. So I don´t recommend it; unless the character is particularily in a situation in which the chirt can be the same use as what we need it for.

I´ll give you two examples for this:

Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe in Burn Notice, and Jerry Seinfeld as Jerry Seinfeld on Seinfeld.

jerry-seinfeld sam-axe

Do you see my point? Stick with looking at the stars and not the characters and then decide which shirt is the best for you.

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